Collection: Paul Hoelen - Sky Dreaming

“There’s something about taking to wing and leaving the regular plane you travel on
that allows you to create a whole new perspective and relationship with the world
around you.
As you rise into the sky, physical structures and hidden intricacies begin to reveal themselves in greater complexity and depth. The true immensity of a landscape, level of interconnectivity and impact of man can be unveiled in a way that’s simply not possible from the same linear plane.”

In Sky Dreaming, Paul takes us away from the horizon and any sense of scale, isolating the subject contextually. The viewer is invited to move away from their literal mind into
more fluid and figurative paths of interpretation – potentially into a broader realm
of emotion, symbolism and metaphor.

“Such is the magic, power, and invitation of abstraction.
Perhaps even an echo of the dreamtime stories of the land’s creation will whisper through if you listen closely enough…”

Paul Hoelen artist photographer

Originally born in New Zealand to a Dutch Sailor and an American Nun,
Paul managed to put his wanderlust and four passports to excellent use before
eventually settling on the beautiful, wild island of Tasmania.

Self taught, travel hungry and with a healthy thirst for adventure he thrives on the challenge and freshness of shooting a diverse scope of genres ranging from fine art, nudes, landscapes, and large-scale event photography through to fashion, travel,documentary and environmental portraiture.
Paul is most renowned for his exquisite landscape imagery,
particularly from an aerial perspective.