Pandani Tasmanian Skincare

Pandani's handmade and formulated in Tasmania skincare product range.


Using Tasmanian or Australian ingredients sourced directly from the grower or producer.  We use natural plant-based or plant-derived ingredients to give
products that are vegan-friendly.
Our products are suitable for all to use so leave them in the bathroom and get the family using healthy, quality skin products.
Does not contain any petrochemicals, parabens, palm oil or fully synthetic chemicals.

Pandani Skin Care Range: Vegan-Friendly

Pandani Tasmanian Skin Cream

This is a super-rich combination of plant oils in a firm but smooth cream
formulation, with an amazing feel.
It is easily absorbed. The fragrance is complex and suitable for all.

Tasmanian Hemp & PoppyTM Cream

Made from Tasmanian poppy and hemp seed oils which are both reputed to
balance skin dryness issues. Hemp oil is known for its soothing of inflammation and other skin conditions.

Pandani Lip Balm: Vegan-Friendly

Hemp Lip Balm
Made with Tasmanian hemp and other quality, natural oil including almond, macadamia and olive oils.
Using plant waxes only this lip balm Is a lush nutty lip balm alternative.

Hemp oil is known as skin restorer.

Pandani Soaps: Vegan-Friendly

Pandani Natural Soap

Our soap is made from Tasmanian poppy seed oil with a proportion of coconut oil. Poppy seed oil is known for it's kindliness to skin and especially its remarkable skin feel.

Our soaps do not contain added fragrance.
Pandani soap does not contain animal fats or palm oil, which are often added
because they are cheap and add hardness to the soap.

Pandani Poppy Seed Soap

Pandani poppy is the same soap formulation but with specially treated poppy seeds added.
This soap is a great skin scrub without impacting the environment with plastic or other artificial additives.

Please Note

We recommend that you always test on a small area
of skin first.
Store products below 25°C.

Our containers are all recyclable so please dispose of empty containers for recycling.
Keep small parts of the packaging away from children and animals.