Collection: Leanne Hall - Wild Capes

Tasmania’s wild beauty, misty grey skies, rocky cliff coastlines and deep green blue waters ignited a longing in Leanne to immerse herself in Island life.
Realising this dream into a reality, Leanne invested in a shack on the Tasman Peninsula, relocating her life to the deep south east.

Inspired by this new found paradise Leanne draws upon the beauty of the wild places here, enjoying long walks through beautiful National parks, along rugged cliff tops with hidden caves and waterfalls, she oaks precariously clinging to wherever the wind blows them and pristine uninhabited beaches.

Conveying this natural beauty through her recent exploration of the watercolour medium, Leanne has discovered the movement of pigment in water on paper - the softness and translucency it creates, provides the medium to translate the mesmerising beauty of these newly encountered landscapes, through her colour scopes and stylised interpretations of the local geology and flora.

The Tasman Peninsula is a constant artistic motivation for Leanne, this emerging landscape a muse for her watercolour artworks.