Feb 24 - March 14
sky dreaming
paul hoelen

Paul Hoelen - Sky Dreaming

“There’s something about taking to wing and leaving the regular plane you travel on that allows you to create a whole new perspective and relationship with the world around you.
As you rise into the sky, physical structures and hidden intricacies begin to reveal themselves in greater complexity and depth. The true immensity of a landscape, level of interconnectivity and impact of man can be unveiled in a way that’s simply not possible from the same linear plane.”

In Sky Dreaming, Paul takes us away from the horizon and any sense of scale, isolating the subject contextually.  The viewer is invited to move away from their literal mind into more fluid and figurative paths of interpretation – potentially into a broader realm of emotion, symbolism and metaphor.

“Such is the magic, power, and invitation of abstraction.
Perhaps even an echo of the dreamtime stories of the land’s creation will whisper through if you listen closely enough…”

Exhibition Catalogue available Wednesday Feb 23 at 5.30pm


Feb 24 - March 14
wild capes
leanne hall

leanne hall - wild capes

Tasmania’s wild beauty, misty grey skies, rocky cliff coastlines and deep green blue waters ignited a longing in Leanne to immerse herself in Island life.
Realising this dream into a reality, Leanne invested in a shack on the Tasman Peninsula, relocating her life to the deep south east.

Inspired by this new found paradise Leanne draws upon the beauty of the wild places here, enjoying long walks through beautiful National parks, along rugged cliff tops with hidden caves and waterfalls, she oaks precariously clinging to wherever the wind blows them and pristine uninhabited beaches.

Conveying this natural beauty through her recent exploration of the watercolour medium, Leanne has discovered the movement of pigment in water on paper - the softness and translucency it creates, provides the medium to translate the mesmerising beauty of these newly encountered landscapes, through her colour scopes and stylised interpretations of the local geology and flora.

The Tasman Peninsula is a constant artistic motivation for Leanne, this emerging landscape a muse for her watercolour artworks.

Exhibition Catalogue available Wednesday Feb 23 at 5.30pm


mountain flora
grace gladdish

Grace Gladdish Mountain Flora Exhibition Poster
December 2 - December 12

In “Mountain Flora” Grace explores the juxtaposition between the minute detail and monumentality of the high country and mountainous landscapes of Tasmania.  
Scale, light and colour are employed to convey a sense of the vast, yet detailed landscape elements.
Many make pilgrimages to these unique alpine regions, experiencing a type of transcendency through the meditative  experience of walking with nature.  
The essence of these remote and wild places revealing a constantly morphing momentary beauty.
Through Grace’s newest works, we are transported to these encapsulating moments within the ever changing landscapes, through her flowers from the mountain.
View the exhibition catalogue here