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Pandani Tasmania

Pandani Tasmanian Hemp Lip Balm - skincare

Pandani Tasmanian Hemp Lip Balm - skincare

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Pandani Lip Balm: Vegan-Friendly

Hemp Lip Balm
Made with Tasmanian hemp and other
plant derived oil including almond, macadamia
and olive oils.
Using plant waxes only this lip balm Is a
lush nutty lip balm alternative. Hemp oil
is known as skin restorer.


Pandani Tasmania produce a unique organic Tasmanian skin care range which is locally sourced, hand made and formulated in Tasmania.  
Working under the ethos of quality skin care products that carry a low carbon foot print and are environmentally friendly. 

Vegan friendly

Using Tasmanian or Australian ingredients sourced

directly from the grower or producer.

We use natural
plant-based or plant-derived ingredients to provide
products that are vegan-friendly.
Pandani products are suitable for all to use so leave
them in the bathroom and get the family using good
skin products.

Does not contain any petrochemicals, parabens,

palm oil or fully synthetic chemicals.

We recommend that you always test on a small area
of skin first.
Store products below 25°C.

Our containers are all recyclable so please dispose
of empty containers for recycling.
Keep small parts of the packaging away from
children and animals.

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