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Ingrid Kwong

Silver Lagoon ~ original artwork by Ingrid Kwong

Silver Lagoon ~ original artwork by Ingrid Kwong

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Silver Lagoon      (Cloudy Bay Lagoon)
2024                      Acrylic on salvaged Tasmanian oak piece   
14cm x 11cm                                                                                                                            

Ingrid Kwong ~ Island Immersion Exhibition
Originally trained as a graphic and book designer, Ingrid is now fulfilling her passion for painting through her ‘little’ land and sea scapes on salvaged wood and timber.

Spending time between their original waterfront fisherman’s shack in Mackerel Beach, Sydney and their off grid cabin at Roaring Beach in Nubeena, Tasmania, Ingrid is constantly inspired to capture the beauty of the wilderness in the national parks that surround both.
Completely immersed in nature as she paints, she enjoys sitting in the landscape as she paints it, capturing the ever-changing light and movement in the land, sky and sea.
On a rock above the sea, amidst the forest, on the beach or from her studio windows.
With brush in hand and the environment in her heart, Ingrid mixes colours on a palette with sea and rain water and creates her ‘little scapes’ on salvaged timber, found or carried to her on the sea by the wind and tides.
Caring about sustainability and the environment, Ingrid hopes her ‘little scapes’ capture lasting memories and inspire others to see the beauty in nature and want to protect it as much as she does.
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